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We support facilities in effective management

Obecnosci.pl is a comprehensive system that will make it easier for you to manage your kidergarten or crèche. We would be happy to show you the exact benefits you can gain from introducing this solution to your facility.

Benefit point:

Gain an effective tool for organising, scheduling activities of children and teachers.

Save time by automating daily tasks and spend it on the most important thing - children's development.

Increase parental confidence with a transparent communication tool.

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Save money!

Spend the time spent on administrative work on actively developing your kindergarten or crèche.


Automatically settle fees, meals and additional activities. Accurately calculate all fees and charges from parents. Manage attendance.


Plan all your children's activities and your teachers' work efficiently. Plan your days off and holidays.


Configure your app in any way you like. Add new users, additional activities, create messages for parents.


Keep parents informed of all important events and meetings. Send information about your child, their progress and share every activity.

Comply with the law!

In accordance with the law, you will account for the actual and not the declared duration of the child's stay at the facility.


You will monitor the reported absences of your children in the kindergarten or crèche and save parents’ money.


You will create reports, tables and summaries to send to parents with a single click.


You will publish photos and videos of kindergartens’ life. Keep records of your kindergarten trips in the app.