Running a kindergarten has become easier than ever before.
Obecnosci.pl is the right solution for your kindergarten or crèche. You devote less attention to the management of the facility and more to the most important thing - the care and development of the children.
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A modern system for crèches and children's clubs
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Idealny system dla każdego
przedszkola i żłobka.
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Obecnosci.pl is a system that will make your facility more modern, your communication with parents more effective and your finances under control.

What is Obecnosci.pl?

The Obecnosci.pl system is a tool for professional management of both public and non-public kindergartens and crèches. The versatile system designed by experts is dedicated to directors and managers of educational facilities.

Obecnosci.pl replaces the work of additional employees, saves time and allows teachers to plan their work efficiently.

Thanks to the use of the system, the organisation adapts to the new rules of payments and their correct settlement.


The system facilitates the recording of attendance and automatically calculates the duration of a child’s stay in a kindergarten or crèche.

It makes it possible to plan additional activities, communicate efficiently with parents, integrate and plan joint activities, as well as keep track of children’s progress and archive photos.

It builds a positive image of the institution in the market and in the eyes of parents.


Save money!

Spend the time spent on administrative work on actively developing your kindergarten or crèche.


Automatically settle fees, meals and additional activities. Accurately calculate all fees and charges from parents. Manage attendance.


Plan all your children's activities and your teachers' work efficiently. Plan your days off and holidays.


Configure your app in any way you like. Add new users, additional activities, create messages for parents.


Keep parents informed of all important events and meetings. Send information about your child, their progress and share every activity.

Comply with the law!

In accordance with the law, you will account for the actual and not the declared duration of the child's stay at the facility.


You will monitor the reported absences of your children in the kindergarten or crèche and save parents’ money.


You will create reports, tables and summaries to send to parents with a single click.


You will publish photos and videos of kindergartens’ life. Keep records of your kindergarten trips in the app.

Benefits for facilities


What else are our customers saying about us?

Customers about Obecnosci.pl


The prices of packages containing complex functionalities start from as little as PLN 199 net/month.
Ask us about the price for your facility (price depends on the number of groups in the facility, the selected solution option).

up to 60 children
up to 120 children
up to 180 children
from 180 children

The price of each package includes:

Technical support

Access to the application 24/7



About us

Obecnosci.pl offers digital and educational solutions for the kindergarten and crèche sector.

Today, several hundred kindergartens, crèches and toddler clubs already use our system and all customised digital and educational solutions.

We work for public and non-public facilities.

Umów się na prezentację!

It only takes 30 minutes to learn about a modern crèche and kindergarten management system.

Our consultant will show you how to use the modern system to manage children’s attendance, how to communicate with parents efficiently, how to settle the child’s stay at the facility. He will present what benefits parents and teachers derive from using Obecnosci.pl

The presentation will last a maximum of 30 minutes.

The system will be presented online.

The expert will present the functions which suit the needs of your facility.

Do you have questions? Feel free to contact us.

+48 574 225 887, +48 513 138 989
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