It is a simple, secure and the most comprehensive kindergarten and crèche management system on the market, which streamlines the day-to-day work of the facility!

Saves time

Automatic clearing system, ability to charge fees

Remote teaching

Pandemic or child illness module

Modern image

Image of the modern school in the eyes of parents


Distribution of information, images, videos through the system

Make an appointment for a presentation

Many repetitive and tiresome daily duties will be performed for you by our system!

Why Obecnosci.pl?

Over 10 years of experience

On the market of software for kindergartens and crèches

Data in the cloud

A solution for all types of facilities: public, non-public, kindergartens and crèches


Dozens of settlement options


Tailored to the expectations of managing authorities

Additional products

Wide range of complementary products

Save over 100 hours* per month!

Make an appointment for a presentation to see how our system works.

It takes only 30 minutes to get to know the Obecnosci.pl system and the benefits of implementing it in your facility. The presentation will make you sure that Obecnosci.pl is the system for your kindergarten and crèche.

Maximum of 30 minutes.

The online presentation.

Presentation of the functions which suit
the needs of your facility.

* measured through customer surveys, number of hours depends on the size of the facility